Your Attic Needs to Breathe – Part 3

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Proper attic inhalation

In previous blogs, weve talked about the need for proper ventilation and some of the ways heat and moisture get into your attic. By way of review, good attic ventilation minimizes ice dams in winter, protects the shingles and roof structure and keeps cooling costs down in summer. It is especially important in the Grand Rapids area to fight against ice dams, so water does not find its way into your home. Here we will look at how an attic can inhale, getting fresh air in to flush out the heat and moisture with the use of soffit vents.

Your attic needs a way to get fresh air in and the hot, moist air out. This is true in both summer and winter. Ideally, attic inhalation involves fresh air enters at the eaves, sweeps up the roof line, carrying the heat and moisture with it, and exits at the peak. Well look at the exhaust portion in a subsequent blog.

Soffit vents are the most common way for the air to enter. Many homes have some form of soffit vent, but often there are too few vents, or the vents are blocked, keeping them from providing good intake. We often see soffit vents blocked by insulation, the openings painted shut or some other blockage that keeps air from entering the attic.

Some houses have no soffits, therefore soffit vents are not possible. In such cases other forms of vents can be installed. One example is an under-the-shingle vent where the roofing is installed over the vent, called EdgeVent.

Avoiding winter ice dams, water intrusion and deteriorating shingles and structural members as well as keeping your summer cooling bills low are important goals. In order to help you protect your most valuable asset, your home, Above Roofing and Exteriors professionals can evaluate the components of your houses ventilation system. If needed, we will make recommendations to ensure that your house breathes well. We’ve been in the roofing business for over 20 years in the Grand Rapids area, we have the experience and know-how to help you. Contact us if we can help you evaluate your ventilation needs or other roofing issues.

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