How Long Will My Roof Last?

Old roof with damaged shingles

What are the signs I need a roof replacement?

One set of roof replacement questions Above Roofing customer service reps hear is similar to this:

  • How many years should a roof last?
  • How do I tell when it’s time to replace roofing?
  • What are the first parts of a roof to “go bad” and start to leak?

Not too long ago shingle manufacturers gave a number for how many years for which their roof would last. The manufacturer was willing to warranty their shingles, and, just like tires, warranties were pro-rated, but it is hard to prove that what you have is normal wear and tear.In the past decade, most major shingle manufacturers are using the term lifetimeshingles, and a customer can choose (and purchase) the kind of warranty they want. It is possible to purchase, with a new roof, a 50-year, full-replacement warranty. Manufacturers figure their asphalt shingles will last about 25-35 years. They are willing to offer a warranty good for longer than the normal lifeof the shingle because chances are youll sell your home before the warranty is over, so they wont have to pay for your new roof.

The 25-35 year lifetime is for a roof replacement under suitable conditions. Negative factors like poor ventilation (see previous blogs) can severely shorten the life of asphalt shingles. If ventilation is weak, the attic can get very hot and the shingles cookon the roof.

Shingles that are very poorly cracked and curled are so possibly because of poor ventilation.

Maybe the most common sign of “natural aging” on a roof is granule loss. Due to heat, weather and age the asphalt holding the granules on the shingles’ surface deteriorates, and the pellets come free and slide down the roof.

Because of loss of granules on the gray shingles, one can see the substrate (base) of the shingle. The sun shining on this part of the shingle causes faster-than-normal deterioration. It’s time to replace this roof!

Another symptom of shingles that are advanced in age and deterioration are cracks in the shingles. The shaded picture features one of the signs of shingle age, breaks throughout.
An Above Roofing professional can help evaluate the life and health of your roof and make sure that your investment is protected. This evaluation is part of every sales call. For every roof we install we make sure that the ventilation system, quality materials and other factors are in appropriately in place. We have been in the business of protecting homes in Grand Rapids area and the rest of West Michigan for over 20 years! Our crews are fully trained and supervised so that the job is done right. As a result of all of this, we are certified as a Select Shingle Master contractor by Certainteed. Thus, we are able to offer Certainteed’s 5-Star Warranty, arguably the best available in the roofing world.

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