How Do I Find A Roofer?

Roofer Working On Exterior Of New Home

How do I find a roofer?

Once you begin your search for local roofing contractors, you will find several in the area. Hiring someone you can trust is so important, and there are resources available to help you narrow down your list. It is well worth the effort to make sure you are choosing a reputable roofer.

  • Check with family, friends & co-workers for recommendations.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if anyone has complained.
  • Check with for honest reports on roofers in your area. This site refuses anonymous reports, making sure the roofing contractor’s competition or mother aren’t sending in false reports – good or bad.
  • Check their references by asking not only was the final project done well but did the contractor show up on time and clean up afterward.
  • Some contractors will bounce from job to job, but don’t bother to coordinate with you, suddenly letting you know they’ll finish your half-way done the project after another job and after they take a Christmas vacation.
  • Check Michigan’s government site to check up on the contractor’s license. You don’t want someone with a fake license, no license, or just a business license. If a roofing contractor doesn’t have a permit, then leaves your project incomplete, sometimes no other licensed contractor will finish it for you, or must legally start over, charging you for work from the start.




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