Why a Roof’s Value Goes Beyond the Initial Cost

Old roof with curling shingles

Investing in a new roof for your home can seem daunting after looking at the initial costs. At the same time, there are multiple benefits to having a well-functioning roofing system, many of which have financial benefits. Here are a few reasons why buying a roof will add value to your home.

Resale Value

In many cases, homeowners make the decision to buy a new roof when they plan on selling. This is because a new roof can greatly increase the resale value of a home. A roof in the U.S. can add over $14,000 in value, nearly a 70% return on investment, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2018 Costs vs Value report.

Inspection Savings

Not only does a roof add monetary value to your home, but it cuts down on costs when it comes time for an inspection. According to HomeAdvisor, a roof inspection in the U.S. costs on average $200 on top of other inspection expenses. Avoiding a roof inspection will cut down on overall inspections costs, leaving extra money in your pocket.


Certainly, saving money is the main focus when investing in a new roof, but you can’t forget that aesthetics play a major role when selling your home. A new roof will give your house a completely fresh look, which helps to persuade buyers in the final stages of their decision-making process.

Investing in a roof can increase the value of your home in a variety of ways. Whether it’s improving the resale value, reducing inspection costs, or making your home look more appealing to buyers, the initial costs are well worth the long-term investment of a new roof.

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