Three Reasons to Leave Roofing to the Pros

corner of roof on a house

Fixing or replacing your roof is feasibly possible, but doing so can be time-consuming and downright dangerous. Beyond those risks, here are a few reasons you should leave your repair or new roof replacement to the experts.

It Costs Less­

When you look at the cost of hiring a pro, some household tasks are certainly worth­ doing yourself. Roofing is not one of them. Since a roofer orders a lot of materials, they have access to better pricing. A roofer also has the tools and equipment you’d need, which you’d have to rent or purchase. Simply put, by the time you buy the tools and materials, you could have thousands of dollars invested, defeating the benefits of a DIY job.

It’s Complex

There’s more to a roof project than nailing on a few shingles – much more. You must lay a proper drip edge, waterproof the dormers, and navigate multiple vents and architectural features. It’s a lot harder than it looks, and that’s something you would quickly discover.

It’s Dangerous

Nearly 150,000 get injured or die from ladder-related incidents each year. Our Grand Rapids roofing experts are trained and experienced, limiting the risk that comes from handling a job you’re not accustomed to doing.

There are plenty more reasons you should leave a roofing job to the pros. If you need a repair or roof replacement, don’t take the risk. Call us for a free estimate and consultation. We look forward to saving you the time, money, and danger of doing it yourself.

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